on a lighter note

My blog is a day old.  Well done me. Normally, I’d have become bored or sidetracked by now.  But actually, I’m quite enjoying it.  Motherhood has most certainly turned my head to sponge. I have hard evidence of this. A couple of years ago I missed out on Mensa membership by just 1%, which was utterly heartbreaking. I chose to retake the test whilst pregnant, my last chance before life would change direction. I crashed and burned.  There are so many parts of your brain that gather dust after labour and new parts of your brain that kick in. Like the part that controls your four pairs of hands and enables you to change a nappy, wipe sick off your top and poo off the carpet all at the same time, while holding a baby.  The blog has reignited a bit of my former self.  I’m actually thinking about stuff. It may be a load of old nonsense but it’s helping me. I feel that I’ve got back my hunger for thought, media, reading, sucking up information.  So a big hooray for the blog.

Now I just need to keep it going.


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