So, as you can see the blogging has slowed down a bit. It has been an upside down week in our house due to a poorly teething baby who also has a stinking cold to boot. Needless to say, her Daddy and I are suffering. He is currently pinching himself to the point of bruising just to stay awake on a very important training course. I am at rock bottom and look haggard beyond my years.
I often chat to a lovely group of ladies in the local bakery, one of whom came out with this gem – “Teeth, what’s the point? They cause pain when they come through, pain when they fall out and cost you a fortune in between”.
Well, amen to that.
Or was that a cunning marketing ploy to get us all to go toothless and live on soft bakery products?

I am up for it. Pass me a cake.


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