Well, this year is going really rather well.

I set myself some goals for this year, I won’t call them resolutions as nobody ever keeps them.  Having been pregnant or with a baby since May 2010, I have found myself now with a little bit more time. No more breastfeeding, so I can leave my 1 year old with her Daddy and spend a bit of time on myself.  As a stay at home Mummy, it’s lovely just to have the odd wee break.  And I’m pretty sure that my little one is glad to see the back of me too.

My goals are –

  • Do a photography course to learn how to use my posh camera (I’m on a waitlist for a place)
  • Start blogging (Hello!)
  • Leave my daughter for a night (She’s 376 nights old and I have been with her for every one. Apparently, this makes me ‘clingy’. So, I’m off on a spa break soon. Ooh.)
  • Run 10K in less than one hour (Working on it and even have actual lycra running stuff, all the gear and no idea, as they say)
  • Meet more people locally (Going to be a bit more like my Mum and just strike up a conversation with anyone within 10 feet of me)
  • Wear more dresses (I’ve been in workwear for years so have had to adjust my wardrobe for my new job as Mummy, more to follow on this conundrum later)
  • Read a newspaper, just one (Oh, how I miss the Observer in bed on a lazy Sunday)
  • Get a bigger iPod. (Someone has filled mine up with In The Night Garden and songs about zoos.  And of course I take a picture of my daughter every time she so much as blinks. Current photo count 462)

So, you heard it here first.  2012 is the year of being a great Mummy and also getting back a bit of my life and identity as a person, not just a parent.

And now I’ve said it all out loud too, so no going back.  Watch this space for progress updates.


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