Feeling very crafty

I have visited lots of houses recently thanks to having so many lovely first birthday parties to attend. One unexpected bonus to this has been nosing at some amazing houses! I really want to brighten up our home but on a budget so I’ve been looking for new ideas. I spotted on a friend’s wall a gorgeous button art canvas. Almost a giant mosaic of buttons. It was so bright and eye-catching but probably cost a fortune.

So, I thought I’d have a go making my own. Now, people who know will appreciate that I am deeply unartistic. I have ideas in my mind of what I love and what I’d like to make but my delivery is always terrible. Same with drawing/baking/singing. I’m just rubbish at all of these things.  When I was at high school and it came to making the decisions of what to study for my Highers (Scottish version of A-Levels), I chose art. My art teacher suggested that I might like to try music instead. How’s that for a hint?! (I did take this advice and did very well with a set of drums, thank you very much).

I bought a huge bargain bag of mixed buttons on eBay and a blank white canvas from my local art shop. On Saturday night, with my husband away and baby tucked in her cot, I set about gluing!  Aided, of course, by a glass of wine.

And here’s the result! I am really rather pleased with  it. I glued my fingers together and threw buttons all over the floor but it’s done. I feel so satisfied, as though I’ve had a little tiny outlet of creativity.  And all that for a grand total cost of around £6.  This will hang on our bedroom wall.  Much better than buying one made in a factory, don’t you think?

Ok,  it’s a little bit wonky, but isn’t perfection boring?


4 Comments on “Feeling very crafty”

  1. Elisse says:

    Not only witty, beautiful, intelligent, skinny and thoughtful but now we have to add arty and crafty to your list of never ending talents. If you wernt my best friend I think I would have to hate you!

  2. i15minutes says:

    Lynn, how cool & brilliant. Just saw your FB update and came straight here. Very easy to read (mellow layout) and positive blog. Envious of your creativity. Keep posting !!! Phil (Gavins’ taller cousin)

  3. DigForTea says:

    We could be the same person! I have all these wonderful ideas in my head, but am totally un-artistic & if I do attempt anything, it’s usually a disappointment. I saw your blog on netmums, so popped in to say hi 🙂

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