I haven’t got a thing to wear

Having ditched my work wardrobe for all things stretchy and then ditched all things stretchy for ‘normal’ clothes, I have found myself a bit lost.

What on earth do I wear as a stay-at-home-Mum? My clothes now have certain requirements, they’re not just clothes.  Also, having left that old life behind, I feel like a new person, like a snake that’s shed its skin. I need a new path, new clothes that fit these criteria –

  1. They must be easy to look after and ideally the less ironing required, the better.
  2. They should preferably hide most marks from baby-sick/snot/drool etc
  3. They should make me look grown up.
  4. But not dowdy and mumsy
  5. They shouldn’t cost too much money
  6. They should not show off anything inappropriate for a crinkly woman of 33
  7. Or hide too much
  8. Or look like I’ve fallen out of the scruffy tree and hit every branch on the way down

I am trying to avoid just popping on a pair of jeans everyday (despite feeling rather smug at having swapped my Gap Curvy ones for some skinny ones!).  I’ll admit, I am a mummy cliché, I do love a pair of Converse. ALL the women nearby live in Converse. These are the desirable footwear with which to press the accelerator of your gas-guzzling 4×4 with Baby-On-Board.

So, where does all that leave me?

As today has been the mildest day of the year yet, with bright blue sky and birds tweeting, my thoughts have turned to summer.  Days strolling by the sea, sipping a cool drink whilst chatting to friends, gazing admiringly at my baby girl   um, I mean working hard, keeping the house clean, meals on table, admin done.

I stumbled upon this dress. I bought it. And, what do you know? I’ve found it. My new Happy Dress!  It fits all of the above criteria. So, I went back to the manufacturer and bought two others, of different design.  I have had a shopping binge!

So, if you see me this summer, trotting around in my Happy Dress, you’ll know that I have skipped the jeans and that I’m enjoying the blue sky.  Life is good.

Who says that money can’t buy you Happy Dress?

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One Comment on “I haven’t got a thing to wear”

  1. abbey says:

    I discovered Zara a couple of months after having my nine month old ……..I now own every colour of Zara skinny jeans, long tops to cover those bits, cheap and possibly slightly trendy?!! I wear nothing else.

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