3000 hits

Wow. I started this blog 8 weeks ago as a little hobby and outlet, just for me and for my scrambled brain.

I have just hit the landmark of having had 3000 hits. Yes, 3000.

I am completely blown away by the feedback and support that I have had. The beauty of this blog on WordPress is the stats that I can view, how people found my blog and which country they are located in.

Obviously, the majority are in the UK. But I wanted to also say hi to those who have read it in Australia, NZ, USA, India, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Iraq, Canada, Oman and many more! I am overwhelmed.

I am so grateful that people have taken the time to read my pointless ramblings. You really must have nothing better to do!

Thank you all.


2 Comments on “3000 hits”

  1. Hello from Canada 🙂 and congratulations on your 3000 hits 🙂

  2. Hello Canada! Thanks very much. Loving your blog!

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