Packing the baby away

Tomorrow is Good Friday. But, for me at least, it will be Goodbye Friday. Tomorrow will see me pack up all of the ‘baby’ things and put them into storage. A big day!

Now, before you get any ideas, NO, this does not mean that I should have another baby now. It’s terrifying. In the same way that aged 28, I would have sneered at any suggestion that I should produce a child. I got over it, then I had one. This will, I expect, happen again. But not yet.

As I look around the house, the majority of baby stuff is no longer used.

  • Nappy changing table (I now have a technique of crawling along behind her and capturing her with both arms, then applying the nappy whilst still moving. Like wrestling an incontinent crocodile.)
  • Jumperoo (She’s tall and no longer dangles cutely, bouncing away while I make tea)
  • Muslins (After over 6 months of absolutely hideous wouldn’t-wish-it-on-your-worst-enemy reflux, we are pretty much vomit-free)
  • Tummy time mat / play gym (Remember when you could lay the baby down and then find them still there 5 mins later?)
  • Bath support (She prefers to stand up, throwing water/toys and yelling)
  • Breast pump (Having sacked the breastfeeding at just under 10 months, my moo-machine is surplus to requirements)
  • Clothing (Tons of it. For both her and for me. All my maternity lycra and stretchy things plus fat clothes are being vacuum-packed and labelled)

It’s amazing really, it’s only been 13 months and yet all the things above have been used to death. What a lot of changes in a very small period of time.

So, it’s goodbye play gym and hello to larger toys, rocking horses, sit-in cars, push-along buggies. Exciting times ahead with our lovely toddler. But I will still have a piece of me tomorrow that’s a bit sad. My little girl is growing up!

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2 Comments on “Packing the baby away”

  1. Sleeping Mom says:

    We have a whole closet just jam packed with baby stuff, now that my boy is two! It’s insane how quickly they outgrow items.

    • Thankfully, I bought lots of great stuff on eBay. I’d have hated to buy everything new when it’s been covered in all sorts of strange things. But yes, what a crazy year, all those clothes and toys already used. Wow!

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