Uh oh, I used the ‘N’ word.

Naughty.  She’s only gone and been naughty for the first time!  I mean, there’s a big difference between baby-style involuntary movements and toddler-style deliberate ones.

Dinner time, for example.  My little girl is a brilliant eater, we didn’t follow any books, we just went with her signals, no Annabel Karmel et al.  It seems to have worked pretty well as she will happily tuck into most things.  Yes, she eats like a savage and yes, she would live happily on meat only but hey, could be worse.

So, when she decided the other day to catch my eye and then deliberately fling a whole handful of potato on to the floor, accompanied by a little gummy grin, I was shocked.  “Hang on”, I thought, “where’s my baby gone? Who is this creature, testing me and challenging the boundaries?”.  I even heard myself say “there are starving children in Africa you know, and they would NOT throw potato on the floor”.

She did it again, same eye-contact, same gummy grin.  I tried not to react as I realise that she is just testing responses.  But when the chicken, that I have lovingly roasted to feed her meat-addiction, is hurled across the room, then I take umbrage.

I even called her by her full Sunday name as I was getting annoyed.  Camille Florence Isabella!!!!  Like she cares.  *Fling* More potato on the walls.

She’s only 14 months but boy does she know her mind all of a sudden.  It’s alarming and beautiful all at once.  She even threw herself face down on the floor the other day in her very first proper ‘strop’.  I told her to get a grip of herself.  It seems that this meant nothing to her.  It’s a bit of a one-way conversation if I’m honest.

Now I know that all you Mummies with older kids will dismiss all this with a laugh, “HA! She doesn’t know anything, wait until *xyz* happens” you’ll say.  Well, yes, I know, this is only the beginning.

But allow me my shock.  My baby has gone and become a tiny little person, strops and all.  It’s adorable as I know that it’s her personality developing.  I’ve seen a small glimmer of what I have to look forward to.  Now all I need is some goggles and a boiler suit to protect me from the flying mashed potato.

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