Beauty regime? What’s that?

Tonight is a first for me. I am going to bed wearing *gasp* a night cream. Apparently in 5 days time I will be “refreshed”.
Up until now, I’ve been pretty basic when it comes to beauty stuff. I prefer simple and natural, thanks. I’ve never worn fake tan, foundation possibly twice in my life and I hate lipstick. I always wear spf15 every day, even in January, due to my fair Celtic colouring.
People usually think I’m a lot younger than I am, which is lovely (and gratefully received nowadays) but also a bit annoying. Recently, when at the supermarket, I had forgotten my driving licence. When the checkout lady asked me for ID (was buying red wine, obviously), I rifled through my purse. It wasn’t there. I heard myself say “look, I have a baby, my car is parked upstairs and look at my eyes! LOOK AT THEM”! Luckily, I found my ID just in time and me and my dark circles trotted off, wine in hand.
For someone who doesn’t laugh that much, I am developing alarming crow’s feet. I swear that I saw my brow wrinkle the other day. Thank goodness for chunky fringes.
I am knackered and everything south of my bottom lip has changed since having a baby. Perhaps I have begun the ageing process, perhaps the real cause isn’t advancing years but actually children?
My beauty routine in the morning now consists of a fast shower whilst being watched by a toddler. Blast dry my hair, then tie it in a rough bun. Put on spf15. Benefit Benetint on cheeks (thus avoiding comments like “are you ill?” No, I’m just pale, you dipstick). Bit of Benefit Badgal mascara if I have time to lavish on myself. Quick check of the teeth for Sultana Bran remnants, check toddler is on hip and BOOM, I am out of there!
I’ve realised though that I am living on borrowed time. There’s only so long that I can go on with such a basic routine, surely? So, I thought I would treat myself with my night cream. I have slapped it on in the hope that I will feel super-refreshed. Feels like a right old treat!
Anyway, will report back in 5 days time. Off to sleep now. Let the anti-haggard fairies begin their work!


5 Comments on “Beauty regime? What’s that?”

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