Blimey, 8000 hits, but how?

My blog is linked to Google in an attempt to increase my hits.  Which, incidentally, are about to pass 8000 in 4 months.

I can view the searches that people have used to find my blog, or those which have resulted in people viewing my blog accidentally.

Some of them have really made me chuckle.  These are genuine things that people have typed into Google which have resulted in them finding my blog.

1) Can I wear Tena Lady pants in bed (Yes, you can, I did after I gave birth to Camille)

2) Is home birth selfish? (In my opinion and my circumstance, no, far from it)

3) Where can I buy a rain bonnet? (In old people’s shops. Go on, you know it makes sense!)

4) Southend Airport (It’s here, it works, it’s not that noisy, embrace it)

5) What to expect when you’re expecting (A whole new blog post in itself)

I love (and am slightly obsessed by) the information that I can see  on who views my blog, where they are, how they found it.  I think that it’s hilarious that incontinence pants have been one of my major attractions.

I’m about to hit 8000 hits, so thanks to you all, however you found me.  I hope your incontinence passes soon.


2 Comments on “Blimey, 8000 hits, but how?”

  1. ginacaro says:

    lol that is very funny x

  2. So funny! Somehow I got a couple of hits from India a few weeks back. They were searching for: “Indian woman in shorts”

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