Jubilee Street Party

I’ve always said that it’s a shame in this country (by which I mean England) people aren’t really allowed to wave their flag (St George Cross or Union Jack) with pride.  Too many connotations, too much controversy.  Being Scottish, we have the Saltire which we can happily raise, enjoying all the romanticism and national pride that goes along with being from such a beautiful place.  But, I don’t feel that English people are allowed to do the same.

So, it gives me great pleasure today, on the Queen’s diamond jubilee, to see the streets adorned with Union Jacks, flags flying from roofs, cars, windows, people clad in red, white and blue.

We attended a street party and what a fabulous concept.  Take a street of people who may know faces but not names, people who are busy with modern life, different ages, ethnicities, demographics.  Yet, give them a barbecue each and fold out chairs, shut the road to traffic and suddenly people are mingling.  You learn the name of the lady from number 39.  Or shake hands with the old man from number 57.  You wave your flags together.

I’m very much for anything that promotes togetherness.  Division of any sort makes me uneasy, especially when it comes to matters like Scottish independence, but that’s another post!

I’m no royalist but enjoying the jubilee weekend has been wonderful.  The Royal Family don’t particularly do it for me, though I have complete respect for anyone who, aged 86, can stand in the pouring rain on a boat for yet another ceremony.

I’ve chatted to people for the first time, learned the first names of neighbours and enjoyed all the pomp and circumstance of such a celebration.  So, for the unashamed flag waving and togetherness, I salute you ma’am.

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