Happy Father’s Day

Ok, so this is a soppy one. If you’re not feeling soppy then don’t read.  Or just have a bucket handy.

Sunday 17th June is Father’s Day.  This will be my husband’s second one, last year our baby girl was just 4 months old.  So much has happened in this 12 months, it is hard to catch our breath sometimes.  When I married my husband in January 2010, he was the man I wanted to spend my life with, a great guy with a good heart.  This has changed now.  He’s different, I’m different.  We are parents.

Today I caught a glimpse of him through the window, he did not know I was watching, he was making our little girl ‘fly’ in the air much to her sheer delight.  She spends her whole week shouting DADA, waiting for him to come home, craning her neck at the sound of the front door.  We watch trains go by in the old town and I explain that Daddy will be coming home on one of them.

To watch him become a Daddy has been wonderful.  I’ll admit that it was incredibly tough for the first year, the constant breastfeeding meant that his relationship with her was limited and I was probably keeping her all to myself, to an extent.  It’s hard for Daddies to bond with little babies.  While they love them desperately, they don’t have that natural, physical bond, that feeling that the umbilical cord is still attached.  It’s just not like being a Mummy.  But when she started developing her own little personality, that’s when they bonded, when they became inseparable.

When she cries out during the night, he can barely wait to go into her room, to check on her.  We all know that he just wants to see her sleepy face.  To have a little sloppy baby kiss.

He truly is an amazing Daddy and it is a privilege to watch him become that person.  What a lucky little lady she is.  As am I.

On another note, I can’t forget my own Daddy on Father’s Day.  Yes, we’ve had our fair share of silly clashes over the years (we are extremely similar…), but he will always be my Daddy.  My daughter’s grandfather, a tall man on whose shoulders she can sit. Whose lap she can cuddle into.  Whose seafaring and firefighting stories she can listen to.  A man who would do anything for his family.

My brother, a modern-day superman, combining an immensely successful career, an insatiable ambitious streak with being Daddy to 3 boys under 5.  I feel tired even thinking about his lifestyle.  Just like our Dad, he’d do anything for his family.

My father-in-law, the most gentle and selfless man you could meet.  Completely head-over-heels for his grandchildren.  Always putting others first.  Just like his son, would do anything for his family.

What a lucky little girl she is to have so many great men around her.

Anyway, to all of them, the men in my life.  And to all the Daddies out there, you do a wonderful job and we Mummies are lucky to have you.

Happy Father’s Day.

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