‘the best laid plans’ is 1

This week saw the first anniversary of ‘the best laid plans’.  I’d have posted this sooner but I was busy doing what people do for a *cough* ‘holiday’ when they are mid-thirties and in possession of a toddler – Center Parcs.

It was back on February 6th 2012 that I decided to write this and here I am,  68 posts on.  That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?  Imagine if I hadn’t published them, that would be 68 lots of waffle stored up in my head (not to mention the few that’ve been binned before I hit the publish button…).  Thanks to the blog, I’ve managed to eject a lot of nonsense from my mind, the writing equivalent of a colonic, if you will.

Life has changed lots in this 12 months too.  Our daughter is now 2 weeks from her 2nd birthday so is definitely not a baby anymore.  My little stationery person who simply slept and fed is now a rowdy, amusing and stroppy toddler with an insatiable appetite for Peppa Pig and sausages.  Which is a strange combination when you think about it.

I think I’ll keep this going anyway.  I’ve really quite enjoyed my new little hobby, even if bloggers are ten-a-penny nowadays.  I don’t have a clue where I’m going with it next or what I’m truly capable of down the line.  Quite exciting really.

Anyway, if you’ve read it or shared it, then thanks.

I’ll leave you with the post that had a 1000 hits in one day, one of my very first, entitled “You know you are a Mummy when….”


One Comment on “‘the best laid plans’ is 1”

  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday 😀

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