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I’m Lynn.  By day, I’m a professional wiper of things, faces, bums, furniture.  By night, I’m exactly the same, but in a cape.  I’m much funnier in writing than in person.  I haven’t slept since 2010.  I live on the coast in Essex.  How I got here from my birthplace of Edinburgh is a very long story, featuring 19 houses and a lot of red wine.  I’m 35, my starsign is whichever one sounds most exciting on that day.  I could never be vegetarian.  One day, I’ll work out what I want to be when I grow up.

To get in touch, please email me – hasanyoneseenlynn@hotmail.co.uk , leave a comment below or follow me on Twitter

Thanking you.


6 Comments on “about & contact”

  1. Laura peters says:

    Have really enjoyed reading this Lynn – a lot of it is like diving inside my own brain! X

  2. Loved reading your blog! As always you never fail to make me laugh with your witty outlook on life, love and children! Keep it up, can’t wait to read more xx

  3. Suzanne says:

    Are you on Twitter Lynn? I like to try and follow blogs that way…couldn’t see it anywhere on your blog.

    • Hello and thanks for reading 🙂
      The email follow up box should be on the right towards the bottom of my homepage, though can be hard to see if viewing on a phone?
      Otherwise, am l_catling on Twitter

  4. Hello, I have a friend with a restaurant in Leigh on Sea – I’m visitng there on 15th / 16th March whichever is the Saturday. Pop in there any time, mention my name and blog and Louise ‘ll see you right. The Sand Bar Opposite HSBC xx

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