Feeling very crafty

I have visited lots of houses recently thanks to having so many lovely first birthday parties to attend. One unexpected bonus to this has been nosing at some amazing houses! I really want to brighten up our home but on a budget so I’ve been looking for new ideas. I spotted on a friend’s wall a gorgeous button art canvas. Almost a giant mosaic of buttons. It was so bright and eye-catching but probably cost a fortune.

So, I thought I’d have a go making my own. Now, people who know will appreciate that I am deeply unartistic. I have ideas in my mind of what I love and what I’d like to make but my delivery is always terrible. Same with drawing/baking/singing. I’m just rubbish at all of these things.  When I was at high school and it came to making the decisions of what to study for my Highers (Scottish version of A-Levels), I chose art. My art teacher suggested that I might like to try music instead. How’s that for a hint?! (I did take this advice and did very well with a set of drums, thank you very much).

I bought a huge bargain bag of mixed buttons on eBay and a blank white canvas from my local art shop. On Saturday night, with my husband away and baby tucked in her cot, I set about gluing!  Aided, of course, by a glass of wine.

And here’s the result! I am really rather pleased with  it. I glued my fingers together and threw buttons all over the floor but it’s done. I feel so satisfied, as though I’ve had a little tiny outlet of creativity.  And all that for a grand total cost of around £6.  This will hang on our bedroom wall.  Much better than buying one made in a factory, don’t you think?

Ok,  it’s a little bit wonky, but isn’t perfection boring?